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​ - **Davinci Resolve**: The Vegas Pro 9 collection is the first of its kind to integrate the award winning video editing application . Vegas Pro 9 also supports high-resolution playback from 8K to 2K resolutions. This means that for the first time in a Vegas PRO project, you can easily work with or deliver content in a different formats than HD. The flexibility that allows you to edit and deliver content in any format is key to the flexibility of the Vegas PRO workflow. ![]( - **Vegas Pro 9**: Vegas Pro 9 delivers features like Resolve, iResolve, In, and Pro Connections so you can integrate production, post-production, and delivery tools in a single project. This makes editing and delivery an integrated process. - **The New Vegas Pro**: The new Vegas Pro 9 collection also brings a number of enhancements and refinements to the Vegas 8 engine. The main new features of Vegas Pro 9 are: - **Auto Resolve.** Using the auto-resolve feature is an excellent time-saving feature, as it provides a better quality image than a manual one. You can set the auto-resolve method of the camera, and when you move the camera, the auto-resolve method remains in the same position. There are two ways to use the auto-resolve feature: - When you open a project with a still image, the auto-resolve feature is automatically applied on all selected stills. - When you export the project to a different format, the auto-resolve feature is applied automatically. - You can adjust the auto-resolve settings in the image properties dialog. - **Redesigned editing interface.** You can navigate the interface by navigating the tabs or by using the keyboard shortcuts to navigate between the tabs. - **Live trim.** Using live trim, you can play and edit



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Sony Vegas Pro 32 Bit Full Crack 11 nayfjahm

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